12 3 / 2014

I’ve heard there are mothers out there who never ever had a problem of a baby that does not want to sleep. I’m not one of them. My daughter always required special attention and putting her to sleep was a “mission impossible”. Since she was one and a half month she always cried when it was time to sleep. I tried several tricks found in various books and on the internet. Some of them were very useful others didn’t work. It’s hard for me to judge if the method is good or not but I’ll present you which ones I tried and what was the outcome.

Stroking gently out over baby’s back. This one I found in a book “The Baby Whisperer” by Tracy Hogg. This is a way of letting the baby know that we are around and she is safe. It worked for the first weeks. Later it made her actually more vigilant so I stopped doing it.

Putting a baby down to bed when she is drowsy and picking her up if she start crying. This is another method found in Tracy Hogg book. Your baby is supposed to realize that everything is OK and whenever she feels unsafe I’m there and will pick her up. A baby should associate her bed with you standing around and consider it as a safe place. The method may have some sense but in our case it didn’t work. After trying for couple of days I gave up. I was putting her down to bed and she started crying immediately. Then it was taking me about 5 minutes to calm her down. I repeated this maybe 10 times with exactly the same result and eventually after almost an hour we were both tired.

Holding baby’s hands. This method I heard from a friend. When a baby is exited she waves her hands. At the same time she does not control her movements yet so the moving hands provide additional stimulus. In order to calm her down I just hold her hands around her belly. It did work very well, especially when she was very exited. Similar method is used with newborns when you wrap them tight in a blanket. This not only provide thermal insulation but also restrict movements and calm a baby down.

The last method we tried was a hairdryer sound. This is something I found on several parenting forums (here).

The sound of a hairdryer recalls the sounds in mother womb. It was a very successful method. In fact she can still fall asleep quickly when I’m turning on the hairdryer to dry my hair. Tip for geeks - you can use an Android app called White Noise Baby that is based on the same idea.